Meet Our Pizzas


Detroit Pan Crust

A thin buttery Pan crust with a crispy caramelized-cheese crust just like in Detroit only with a Chicago twist!  These are built Chicago-style with tomato sauce on top and are circular rather than the traditional rectangle shape! This is a modern version of Detroit-style pizza that’s extremely popular back east right now and we’re bringing it to San Francisco! Order Now!

Chicago Deep Dish

Our version of traditional Chicago-style Deep Dish. Ours is a light buttery crispy crust topped with a mountain of cheese, your choice of toppings and topped with tomato sauce then dusted with Romano cheese and Oregano just like back in Chicago! Order Now!

California Thin Crust

The California Thin Crust pizzas are where our name derives from. We have deconstructed popular grinder sandwiches and cleverly re-located their ingredients onto a pizza crust. Come in with an open mind and give them a try!
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